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The World of Pashnit: Who would build a place like this? An avid rider by the name of Tim Mayhew has spent over 20 years riding 250,000+ miles photographing roads while writing hundreds of pages of text about his fascination with California twisties. Pashnit began in 1999 as a small private website about one rider’s Love of the Ride.  Word spread through the years and eventually the very word Pashnit (meaing 'passionate') became synonymous with motorcycle travel in California.

Pashnit Photography has appreared in numerous moto magazines, websites, brochures & advertisements. Photos can be purchased for commerical use (contact us) - Click here to see the best of Pashnit Photography !

Feature articles about Tim have appeared in Motorcycle Escape Magazine, Cycle World Magazine, City Bike, Friction Zone, Motorcycle Tour & Travel, Austrailan Road Rider and in the debut issue of Road Trip Magazine. Click here to read...

Tim's motorcycle travels have gotten the attention of Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine, National Geographic, Rider, Motorcyclist, Motorcycle Tour & Travel, VIA Magazine, American Motorcyclist, City Bike Magazine, BMW North America, Honda Riders Association of America, numerous newspapers and even the cable channel Outdoor Life Network. Tim has appeared on FOX television, done numerous live radio interviews, and public speaking on motorcycle travel for BMW.

Tim is the owner of Pashnit Motorcycle Tours, having designed & led over 100,000 miles of guided tours with return rates as high as 80%. Tim has even provided tours for the editorial staff of Cycle World Magazine plus written travel articles for Friction Zone Magazine and Cycle World. Pashnit Tours leads over ten guided tours per year based from San Francisco. Pashnit was also officially sactioned by the Iron Butt Association to conduct the Nutcracker 1000 Rally.

Pashnit is also a parts dealer representing 75 manufactures & carrying some 40,000 part numbers. The A-Z motorcycle parts store has shipped product to over 55 countries around the globe & has become one of the largest Galfer Braking dealers in the nation.

This site has as many as 34 million page loads per year. All starting from grassroots word-of-mouth about a tiny personal website motorcyclist's love of the ride... to present day: a discussion forum with over 200,000 photos, a busy storefront for Moto Products representing over 75 major manufactures, a tour company and hundreds of roads to choose from plus Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, LinkedIN & Pashnit Video Channel.

Pashnit is supported entirely by its members who have built this site into a household name. You can lend your support with a $20/yr subscription to, use our free ride forum, sign up for a Pashnit Motorcycle Tour, or choose us as your moto-parts supplier.

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200,000 Miles of Smiles

Pashnit owner Tim Mayhew

Pashnit offers 12,000 miles of Guided Tours each season.