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58 hours: a Sierra Nevada adventure

Hi all,

I want to extend a heart felt thank you to all the new friends I met on the Sierra Nevada Pashnit Tour.

I sometimes struggle expressing myself in words but I will try by telling what happened Sunday after the tour ended.

I thanked Tim and expressed to him what a special thing he and Tim M. had created. With a full tank of gas I headed north toward South Lake Tahoe not thinking about much, just winding down, pretty straight road, light traffic going my way, heavy the other way. Heading into some curves I begin to ride a little harder my mind beginning to pour over the riding tips I overheard, usually hanging around Keith, everyone was so eager to talk about riding, turning, body position, counter steering, lean, more turn for less lean angle…etc. that all I had to do was hang out around Keith and listen in to learn from some skilled and accomplished riders.

I could see in my minds eye Alan at the end of the dinner describing a climbing uphill right hand turn even though I could not hear a word he was saying. There was an unmistakable way he moved his body while talking, hands on the grips, dropping right shoulder, gentle push on the right grip, head looking far around the corner. A dynamic description of how to turn a motorcycle that is worth a thousand posts in a forum. I see him as the turns get tighter and my wrist rolls on more power, I feel my body trying to emulate the artistic way Alan moved, awkward at first but a little more natural with each turn.

I roll into Tahoe unsure of my immediate future. I stop at a small local store, buy a beer and a map and put them both in my T bag. Slowly rolling along the lake comes into view…wow… I stop at a park and beach next to the lake take the beer and map out and sit at a picnic table, sip the beer and pour over the map (by the way since childhood I have been fascinated with maps).

I begin to wax nostalgic about the previous 58 hours, wait is that all it was…58 hours…that can’t be right. Let’s see..7:30AM Friday it all started…all these strangers…all these bikes…a lot of speed here… lord, what have I gotten myself into. Anyway the hours 7:30 Saturday is 24... Sunday makes 48..It’s 5:00 PM Sunday now, wow 58 is right. How could so much happen in just 58 hrs? How could so much change in just 58 hrs?

I sat looking over the lake for about an hour blissfully reliving the last 58 hrs. As my reminiscing began to catch up with real time I began to feel a wave of sadness wash over my entire soul. It was over…the adventure was over, but why was I sad, 58 hrs. straight and not one negative word or gesture or thought…. Wait, is that right? …………..It was……How could that be.

14 adults from all backgrounds, from places like Georgia, Louisiana, Las Vegas, England, Japan spend 58 hrs together with no BS. No attitude. No drama then it dawned on me….why I was sad. It was over. I knew I would see some of these folks again, that I would make sure of. Keith will be in Vegas in July I will see him then. I will see both Tim’s again, this will certainly not be my last tour with them. I realized that even though I will see these people again We will never be together, all together, like this again….It’s over…forever. I’ll never have that 58 hrs. again….over…click…

A switch flipped in my brain, time to go home. 6:00 PM…. too early to get a room, 2 hrs. of daylight left. Can I make Lee Vining? Don’t know, I should try. I pointed my nose into the wind, it was all business now, get home.

I stopped for the night in Bridgeport and was home in Las Vegas by noon Monday.

Thanks to everyone for the time of my life.

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