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Re: 700 Miles on a Ninja 250 - A motorcyclist's review

An interesting epilogue to this lil diddy I wrote up about the Kawasaki Ninja 250.

Got a inquiry from a Navy officer who's serving on an aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz, in the Middle East right now. He's the safety officer for the ship, and is also a fellow rider (FJR). He relays that many of the service persons serving aboard the ship are likely to purchase motorcycles on their return home to San Diego in a few months.

They are going to take this article and photos about the Ninja 250, and add it into the ship's intranet as a permanent part of the motorcycling information available to the sailors, pilots, Marines, etc. He adds they'd like to do this to encourage those that might be new to motorcycling to start out slow (i.e. a Ninja 250) and work up in displacement over time.

Pretty cool! Never know who's reading this stuff!
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