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Re: 700 Miles on a Ninja 250 - A motorcyclist's review


I agree with everyone else; this was a great article. My wife has a Ninja 250, and I find myself riding it from time to time just for fun. You're right about how the bike is more than just a starter bike because it has some thrills hidden inside of its small package. The bike is so light that flicking it around is no work at all, and when the engine gets (and stays) above 8000 rpm, thats when the fun begins. Sure, there's no torque in the bottom end, but above 10,000 rpm, this bike does scoot along. If one is used to V-twins, getting used to high revs will take adjusting...sounds like a large hair dryer! I almost feel bad for those poor bikes because most never come close to reaching their full potential since so many riders are beginers that own them. In my opinion, a bike is a bike, and they all deserve respect. Kudos to Pashnit for bringing to light the attributes of one our smaller, yet perky members of the motorcycle family. Given the chance, ride this bike and find out what we're talking about.

Damon Cooper
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