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Re: 700 Miles on a Ninja 250 - A motorcyclist's review

Nothing wrong with having more than 1 bike is there?

Originally Posted by CalifNative
Let me introduce myself. I am the owner of the 250 Tim so eloquently described. I was happy to loan Tim my bike so that he could continue on this way. And the fact that he accepted demonstrated his professionalism and good nature.

This story brings a smile to my face, envy to my heart and a tear to my eye.

You see, I love Daisy, my little yellow Ninja. She carried me over 7000 miles in my first year of riding. From throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains, down to Coalinga and up into the Sierra's.

The one trip I did not take was down HW1 and into the California central coast where I attended college in SLO. But, my little yellow bike made the trip. And from Tim’s trip report, she had a good time, provider her rider with some fun as well as challenges and held her own against the big boys. You go Daisy!!

But alas, I have purchased a new bike and Daisy is for sale. But, I have to admit reading this report gives me pause. Maybe I’ll keep her and make that trip down the coast…….
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