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Re: Pashnit Photography at the Motorcycle Show- Thanks to all

Originally Posted by Gary
Thanks for the custom tour of the show, Tim! Great to hear the Pashnit booth was so popular. As Dale has said, it's no surprise that so many folks came to shake your hand and offer thanks for your work over the years.

Were you offering sign-ups for the 2006 touring season? Do you expect you'll see some business coming from the IMS?

That was actually one of my original ideas- I even brought 4 laptops just for that purpose. But in practice, didn't really work, the show was so busy-busy, the booth was mobbed at peak times (one guy told me he came by 4 times, finally the 4th time he just interrupted the fella I was chatting with ), and the PMT site has like 70+ pages of text- but it was handy to have to show folks that were interested in the rides and just break it down - NorCal, Central Cal & Sierra Nevada- and be able to introduce them to the tour site and encourage them to log on and poke around awhile.

We also had a laptop running the CA Moto Roads site, and that was just as popular. It was really convienent to have since everytime people did one of those - 'have you ever heard of...', I'd simply take them to the webpage for the road. We also had paper maps too, and couple times I pulled those out and we looked up roads together- one in particular on the east side of Clear Lake, I'm going to have to go check out- Sulphur Bank Rd. No one's ever sent me info on this one.

It was also amazing to meet people who may have sent me something like 2-3 years ago that I've added to the CA Moto Roads pages, pictures, text, even entire webpages written by others. Bunch of those stopped by to recall email conversations from several years past.

Another interesting tid-bit is I was reading the latest copy of Rider Magazine on Saturday morning before the show about the rider's trip through NorCal, and sure enough the site is mentioned in this month's mag.

A few hours later a fella walked up, and I read his name tag, "Somehow, I know you" I said. It was the author of the article I'd read only a few hours earlier stopping by to say thanks - he'd planned the entire ride off the pashnit site. Steve Larsen I believe his name was who write mainly for MCN. (Motorcycle Consumer News)

There were a bunch of famous people there- I got to meet Brett Saunders who got me on a live interview on Cycle Talk Radio 3 yrs ago & put Tim & I together on the Pashnit Tours project. Plus Bob Stokard who swung by who wrote the article about our October ride in City Bike Magazine. Plus a lot of the tour particpants from past rides stopped by including Frank who went on 3 tours this year with me. Doc Wong stopped by. Kim Leung who runs CA Sport Touring. Amy Holland who runs Friction Zone Magazine who I've written for over the years occaisionally. Arlen Ness was a few feet away from us (who you can see in Steve's pics). I got an autographed poster from Wayne Rainey, and Tim & I even got to meet Gary Eagan too.

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