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Re: Trip around San Diego County

The problem is, I could give you directions or recommend the good roads, but I would be repeating what you can find in the other postings on the various So. Cal. boards. It goes without saying that you will want to cover Hwy. 67, 76, 78, 79, and 94 at a minimum. Possibly some of the S-roads as well. So, we'll create a hypothetical trip beginning in Oceanside.

I would take Hwy 76 all the way to Hwy 79.

South on Hwy. 79 to Santa Ysabel (stop at Dudley's bakery)

East on Hwy. 78/79 to Julian (stop for apple pie)

South and take your pick: Cuyamaca or Mount Laguna (I'd pick the high road, S-1, and enjoy the view of the desert)

Follow S-1 all the way past I-8 and onto Buckman Springs Rd. to Hwy. 94.

Hwy. 94 west to Hwy. 54 and into El Cajon (don't stop). Get on I-8 west for a short way and get off on Hwy. 67 north to Lakeside and Ramona. Before you get to Ramona, as you pass the Mt. Woodson turn off, there is Archie Moore Rd. This leads to a very twisty, very steep, very narrow, and dangerous Highland Valley Rd. If you go this way, take Highland Valley all the way to Lake Hodges and I-15. Alternatively, you could go all the way into Ramona and take Hwy. 76 to Escondido.

Either way, get on Del Dios Hwy. to Rancho Santa Fe and then get on Via De La Valle and follow it to Solana Beach. Once there, follow the road up the coast through Encinitas and Carlsbad back to Oceanside.

There are obviously an infinite number of trips and virtually all would take you somewhere cool. My mapping program shows this kind of trip to be about 250 miles. A decent day's ride.
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