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Your last blog post was an excellent one with some fabulous photos, especially the carnival shots.

I hope that you and Spirit have a marvelous Thanksgiving and that you are able to eat some fabulous home cooking somewhere with friends.

Thinking fondly of you Ara and Spirit too.
Thank you! Sorry late replying here... we are getting there... (???).
No more food though please...

Waiting, waiting in Houston. TX

So I am already missing “The Oasis” but a cold front coming up or down, forgot which way, is holding us up probably till morning only when we will then brave the colder temps for a couple of days. It has been all good, better than good. Great company with Friends, a warm bed and much great food, so much as I have almost decided not to eat today… almost if it was not for those little mini Pecan Pies laying on the kitchen counter and a leg of lamb that followed us yesterday. We stopped at an amazing food store yesterday called “Phoenicia” and the smell of spices, sights of such foreign ingredients brought up such incredible memories of years so far past.
We are having a great time, Spirit has two buddies to play with as they put up with him since I have also been calling him a “trouble maker”, but the road call, snow, sleet or rain no matter.
More photos of the George Ranch on the Journal today with also a video encompassing from the 1830’s to 1930’s, over one hundred years of four Families living within the many acres right next store to now the fourth largest city in the USA.
Till next time…
Be well.
Ara & Spirit