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Thread: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    Sorry to hear about Gary's accident and glad to hear that he is on the mend! Those broken ribs can be especially painful, so take it easy.

    Donna - hang in there. Being the nurse is almost as painful as being the patient! If you need someone to commiserate with, let me know.

    Thoughts on the bike - stay on your ins. co so they don't take 2 months to settle the claim.

    Thoughts on EMTs and Trauma Docs/Nurses - AWESOME!!! Can't say enough good things about those who fix us up after our little adventures! Glad that those who found Gary and stayed with him took such good care of him. The EMTs or Sheriff may have any personal effects that come up missing.

    Saying a prayer for quick recovery!!!


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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    Quote Originally Posted by scrubbed flat
    Glad to hear you're gonna be alright Gary.walking away from what coulda been a bad nasty with just a ding and some hard earned lessons gotta call it a lucky break, pardon the pun.I gotta wonder if you shouldnt start lookin into off road gear!
    take the rest of the day off
    Nah, he didn't walk away from this one...they toted him off in a he makes the Reno papers (anyone have their phone number?)

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    Too many of these threads lately. Glad to hear your stay at the hospital was short. Heal up.

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident


    Oh no! Et tu Gary?? Prayers for a speedy recovery my friend.

    The broken ribs are killer. Find a nice comfy recliner chair to sleep in, makes getting up a lot easier!!


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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    Wow, very sorry to hear about this Gary. Hope you heal up soon. Guess we will have to make it an end of Summer ride instead of Spring. Take care my friend. Any thoughts as to what you are going to replace the V-Strom with? Hope I get a chance to visit with you and Donna in June. Ttyl.

    Don Hopkirk

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    Dang...I certainly did not expect anything like this to happen to Gary. I'm glad to hear Gary is up and around. And, Donna, it appears you have a handle on everything. Heal fast Gary.

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    I hope you have a speedy recovery Gary.
    Keep us posted.

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    Hello Pashnit friends! Finally home after a long day waiting to get paroled from the hospital in Reno. Thanks thanks thanks for all your well wishes and kind words. All your messages mean a lot and have really lifted my spirits! What a great group of friends, virtual or on the road!! I would really like to respond to everyone here, and hope to do so over the next couple of days. At the moment I am limited to typing with just my left hand, so forgive the brevity of this initial note and also the missing details about my "incident". Low side? High side? Sightseeing? Riding in to a ditch? I hit my head and remember none of it, not even the helicopter ride.

    I love all the humorous comments you Motley Crew are posting, and again, really appreciate everyone's concern and words of support. More later to respond t your posts. And hopefully I can get out a more sensible explanation of Sunday's events in coming days...

    G ... on the mend!

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    Re: Gary - Had a Weekend Incident

    There's the Gary I know.

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    Re: Gary - Had an Incident

    Quote Originally Posted by SklyWag
    Yes I agree, I was thinking about changing the thread name eventually when I put up the original post once we knew more.

    After talking to him earlier I bet they have kicked him out of the hospital by now, he was getting cantankarous (SP)!
    Thanks for the change. Donna and Gary aren't little girls, I am pretty sure they would agree. I remember that it is a rule in the desert that you always slow down to a snail pace when you reach the top of a hill. Why? because there could always be somebody (a truck maybe) driving on the left side to avoid an obstacle or... an obstacle on your side. There is no way to stop on dirt. I flew 20 feet with a fully loaded long Toy Land Cruiser because of a tiny (maybe a foot high) sand dune, Gary hit a deep hole. The 'in doubt, gas it' does not work very well in any of these case. Let's all learn from this. It is not limited to hill top or off road. Poor or short visibility: just break as hard as it is safe before entering the area and proceed with caution. Blind turns, off-ramps at night, not worth the gamble.

    I am the last person in the world who should be writing anything like that, but if flying in a Land Cruiser is a somewhat interesting experience, landing is not, even if you fortunately land flat. I am quite sure the odds are not in favor of most 2-wheelers.

    Cantankerous is a seafood restaurant in Mountain View, this is how I discovered the word. I do not know the place, but I love its name.

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