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Thread: Took the DR-Z off road

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    Took the DR-Z off road

    Not dual sport, but single track off road for the first time in a couple of years. Due to some medical issues I havent been riding much the last year or so, and no off road for a couple of years. Well yesterday a buddy and I hit some old logging roads and single track. Several deep ruts, mud holes etc. Nothing too wild but it was good to get muddy again. BTW I was TRYING to keep up with him on his Kawasaki KX250F. For those who don't know that is a motocross bike.
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    Re: Took the DR-Z off road

    Its good to climb back on John! Glad you are riding!
    Let's Ride!

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    Re: Took the DR-Z off road

    just what the doctor ordered John!congrats!I hope theres a lot more dirty rides in your future.
    nothing sucks worse than not being able to do what you love.

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