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Thread: One tough little bike.

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    2cents One tough little bike.

    If you are looking for a tough dirt orented dual sport, consider the DR-Z. I am more impressed the more I ride mine and hear about them the more impressed I am. I have heard of them being dropped off vehicls going down the Freeway and being rideable. Last summer I broke a radiater and rode mine back to camp running out of water on the way. No problem. Today I ran accross a thread on advrider whare a guy didn't realize he lost all his water and rode it over 50 miles with no engine damage.

    If you want a dirt orented dual sport think about the DR-Z. There may be others with more power etc etc, but no other is as tough as these things IMHO.
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    Re: One tough little bike.

    I couldn't agree more! Excellent bike.

    Don Hopkirk

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    Re: One tough little bike.

    My DRZ has also shown toughness. +1

    and it looks cool in neat places.
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    Re: One tough little bike.

    Yep. That's going to be the next bike in my garage, next to my VStrom 650. I was all set to buy one from a co-worker a few weeks ago, then I found out was getting laid off at the end of September. I'll resume my search when I line up my next job.

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