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Thread: Solo Day 6.......other pics and comments.

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    Solo Day 6.......other pics and comments.

    Had a very relaxing stay in Ft. Nelson with my first night in a motel. Stayed at the Super 8 with spa, internet, continental breakfast all for just $160!! I am camping the rest of the trip!

    Was very excited to see all the wild life and especially a huge Moose buck with felt still on it's large antlers........just disapeered before I could get my camera out. Also saw a large wolf.

    Coming into Teslin, I was just about out of gas and sweating the last ten miles. I was prepared to tip my bike over on its' side to get more "juice" but made it barely. I broke rule number one.......don't pass up chances for gas.

    In Teslin, the bridge going over the Teslin River is "see through" steel grates and you can look straight down into the water as your bike shimmies and squirms all over the place. Definately a "white knuckle" experience.

    Yesterday I said that I have not seen any highway patrol "mounties" yet and then when I entered Yukon Territory, I see over ten!! Go figure.

    I am in White Horse tonight camping in the rain.........but it's only $18 with a hot shower. I am camping at Robert Service Campground and it has internet for $5 and expresso and goodies for the travel weary. Here is a pic of the helpful workers making me my it does not get dark till 11:30 pm so I can stay up and do my internet work.

    I should be in Alaska tomorrow.
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    Re: Solo Day 6.......other pics and comments.

    some of your pics would make mighty fine wallpaper for my desktop.... (oooh, did I say that outloud?)

    I wish I do that...

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