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Thread: Fuel from Tonopah to Ely, NV

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    Help2 Fuel from Tonopah to Ely, NV

    Does anyone know if there is fuel between Tonopah and Ely, NV. Know there is no fuel in Warm Springs. How about Currant? Will carry backpacking fuel canisters but just would like to know.

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    Re: Fuel from Tonopah to Ely, NV

    Just did that stretch a few weeks ago. No Gas. Black Rock Station has shade and cool drinks, but nothing for the M/C. Spectacular high desert ( FAST ) riding. Cooler temps than the lower elevations.

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    Re: Fuel from Tonopah to Ely, NV

    Google maps says it's 168 miles. Bring lots of fuel with you, and emergency supplies (food, water, etc). There's a whole lot of nothing out there.
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    Re: Fuel from Tonopah to Ely, NV

    How much does your bike carry Rick ,
    Dont run out i nearly done that once in Finland had to knock on a few doors
    for some petrol a lady had 5 gall spare for her snowmobile i shure was pleased to meet her . I had about 20 miles left and the nearest town was 50mile either way
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    Re: Fuel from Tonopah to Ely, NV

    I went through there in July 2005. A trucker in Ely told me to bring a spare can because there's no gas until Tonopah. However, in Warm Springs I stopped to top off my bike from the gas can but the wind was so strong it just blew it all over the bike. I was sooo happy to see the gas station open in Black Rock. See picture below. The gal working there said they are only open a few days a weeks. However, the scenery in Nevada is worth it!
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