Went to bed in Chicken, AK around 1am. Hard to go to bed when the sun hasn't set yet. As I was going into my tent, I heard something that sounded like a horse trotting by......I looked up and saw a huge female moose with her calf in tow coming right at me. I got out of the way and just watched and marvelled....... The baby moose got caught in the netting near the golf course as the mom just plowed right threw it. I took a couple of pics as I listened to the mother make moose noises guiding her baby out of the netting. Cool

Left a bit late for me... 8:30am from Chicken. Rode into Tok and finally used my cell connecting with family. Check out the tok pic with my helmut as the face.....

Rode into Fairbanks........ I was not too impressed with the city. Too many cars, people, and buildings. I am staying at the Super 8 doing laundry and catching up with internet postings. I was riding into Fairbanks and thought that the real last frontier was in Yukon.

Made an appointment for Prudhoe Bay tours for Sunday 2pm. I chatted with a guy in Whitehorse who just finished Dead Horse and said to spend the first night out of Fairbanks at Cold Foot. Set up camp there, then leave your heavy camping equipment etc. inside your tent, do Prodhoe Bay and then come back to Cold Foot the same day.....about 12 hour round trip. That's what I plan to do. I am making a list of all the stuff I brought that I don't really need. :/

My pace has slowed these last two days...........Day 7 447 miles,
Day 8 289 miles. Day 8 is cut short because of Cold foot being too far, laundry, and email postings to be done.

My hat is off to Rick Maier and his touring saddles. I had one made for my KLR and it's been the best seat I have ever had. I have done nothing but Corbin till now. Also, thanks to KLR650.com and White Horse gear for their help with hi way pegs, paniers, doo hickey kit, center stand etc.

Enjoy the pics.........Jim