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Thread: Solo Ride Fairbanks to Wasilla, AK Day 12

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    Solo Ride Fairbanks to Wasilla, AK Day 12

    I was anxious to find sprockets and a new chain. By 9am the various motorcycle shops were open but none had any parts I needed. I called Anchorage and none had any sprockets but many had a new chain. I finally contacted a small KTM dealer in Fairbanks who had a used KLR and said it had good sprockets and he had a new chain. The front sprocket was different so I kept the same front sprocket, and the rear was a 45 tooth when I was running a 40 but beggers can't be choosers.....$200 and one hour later I was back on the road....left Fairbanks at 2pm Alaska time. Thanks to a very helpful motorcycle enthusiast, Bob Swifter of Ester, Alaska, I only lost a half a day.

    The most awesome site of the day was Mt. Denali(The Great One). I mistook the first mountain for Denali and then looked into the high clouds and saw a white peak above the clouds. It blended a bit and was hard to see at first. Totally awe inspiring!

    I made it to Wasilla at a covered tent camping place. It seems that when I am in a motel or have covered camping, it usually does not rain, but when I am exposed to the elements, it rains.......part of the adventure.

    Still vertical.........have covered over 5,000 miles......moving on to Homer.
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    Re: Solo Ride Fairbanks to Wasilla, AK Day 12

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    Re: Solo Ride Fairbanks to Wasilla, AK Day 12

    Jim, looks like an awesome trip.

    I'm jealous.

    Paul the guy who sold you the Green Tiger.

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