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Thread: Solo to Homer, Alaska Day 13

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    Solo to Homer, Alaska Day 13

    Headed out for Homer today. It rained shortly after I left Wasilla and rained all the way to Homer. I was soaked again and having a hard time developing internal heat again. I put on every liner, sweat shirt, the non working heated vest, new snow gloves, a beanie and started to warm up as I dripped inside a local merchants shop. They were not very happy I was in there but I needed to warm up.

    I found a gift shop and bought "treasures" to send home.

    I went down on the "Spit", a small finger of land with many gift shops, galleries, and restaurants. I had my first sit down dinner of halibut. Homer is the "Halibut Capital of the World" so I thought the dinner was fitting for the "End of the Trail" of mine. Now, it's all working back home.

    I found lodging a bit difficult and finally found an over priced "fish cabin" to spend the night in Ninilchik.

    Tomorrow, Kenai, Seward, and Whittier.

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