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Thread: Solo in Valdez Day 16

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    Solo in Valdez Day 16

    Today the KLR sat idle though I was mobile. My friend Tom Riette took me on a tour of Valdez and then salmon fishing.

    We saw the old town site where the town once sat before the 1964 earthquake that buried the old town in water.

    I saw the end of the Alaskan oil pipe line and the numerous tanks holding the crude oil for delivery.

    I saw salmon getting ready to spawn and then had the excitemnent of catching 12 pink salmon. After we cleaned the fish, I was ready to pay to have them shipped back home and looked for my wallet in my fanny pack and realized I left the fanny pack at the "fishin hole". We worked our way back and started looking for the all important fanny pack and all that it contains.

    I left it high on a rock and we finally found it inches from the water. In five more minutes, it would have been covered with the high tide water coming into the Bay of Valdez..........dodged another bullet.......

    Tomorrow I hit the road for Haines Junction.

    Jim the Salmon Slayer......
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    Re: Solo in Valdez Day 16

    Man how cool that must have been! Someday.
    Keep the rubber side down and the spirits up!

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    Re: Solo in Valdez Day 16

    Congrats on your catch(es!) and on your fanny pack save!!
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