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Thread: Solo to Whitehorse, Bell 2, and Cashe Creek

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    Solo to Whitehorse, Bell 2, and Cashe Creek

    Left Valdez with rain threatening. Had a wonderful fishing experience with Tom Riette.

    Rode to Whitehorse, Yukon and was going to press on but noticed my second rear tire was toast. Also, my front was gone too. So, I found a Honda Dealer but they were closed(Sunday), but managed to find the tire throw away pile and found a "like new" front but no usuable rear tire. So, I camped at Whitehorse and had a the tires mounted on Monday. $380 for one new rear tire and mounting of both.

    Left Whitehorse around 11:00 and rode to a heli-skiing resort called Bell 2. It's a wonderful log style resort but they had no rooms available. So, I camped in the pouring rain. I hate the rain. This ride has been like a month long dual sport in constant rain. I don't know what the sun looks like anymore. But the scenary makes up for the dismal weather.

    The Cassier Highway or Highway 37 is the most beautiful rode I have ridden thus far. Small one lane most of the time with many twisties. I does have some sections of dirt especially where the rode washed out because of the rain. I saw six bears, and had to dodge a large Grizzley. I had to move and so did the bear from getting hit. I thought about stopping to take a picture for only one second.

    Tonight I am in Cache Creek in a motel and it's warm and dry.

    Will be in Port Orchard tomorrow. Just covered over 8000 miles in nineteen day.

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