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Thread: Duarte's Tavern

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    Duarte's Tavern

    Duarte's Tavern, a bar and restaurant in Pescadero a couple of miles from Highway One between Half Moon Bay and Davenport. Artichoke soup or Green Chile Soup, or better "half and half" and excellent steaks. Fish is okay too. Warm woody decor. Pretty little town in farmland.

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    Re: Duarte's Tavern

    Food and service here is very good. Try the Crab chopino, wow!!!

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    Lets Eat Re: Duarte's Tavern

    I've had the oyster sandwich--it reminded me of a po'boy from Louisiana--most excellent! There's usually a crowd here, which is a good indication of the chow!

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    Re: Duarte's Tavern

    I had the oyster sandwich and the cream o' green chile soup, and I concur--excellent.

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    Re: Duarte's Tavern

    Artichoke soup... yumMEE!!
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