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Thread: Diablo Grande

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    Diablo Grande

    I felt like a quick ride this morning so here it is. Diablo Grande Pkwy is a real short ride (about ten miles each way) but is absolutely fantastic. It starts at I-5 at Patterson and runs up to the golf course. This road is about 2 minutes from my house so I can wonder up there when the urge arises. The road is so smooth and the curves are all stretched out so you can go real fast (if your into that kinda thing). As for me I just kinda take it slow and enjoy the scenery.

    I kind of blew it on the pix as I had the camera in manual and set at a fast shutter speed with a small f . They came out a bit dark and I spent some time in photoshop trying to fix them so.......

    Looking back towards 5

    Some stuff

    Oak Flat Rd.

    The weather station

    The guardhouse

    The bees

    The Pond

    The golf course

    The dancing lady

    The view from the top

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    Re: Diablo Grande

    Good stuff Kenny !

    This one of the Dancing Lady gave me a chuckle - At first I thought that was a real person till my brain started working again, and uh no, just a statue.
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    Re: Diablo Grande

    Nice photos. Sounds like a great road to take a short ride. I see you took your Buell out.

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