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Thread: Carson City to Bryce UT - Suggestions?

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    Curvy Road Carson City to Bryce UT - Suggestions?

    Hey Guys-
    Looking forward to my "big" trip Monday
    Only 3 days (but it's the longest so far on the new bike)

    I'm tagging along with a couple of guys making their way across country
    Starting Monday in Walnut Creek
    The plan for day 1 is Hwy 4 to 89 to 88
    Overnight in Carson City and then determine how to get the next day across NV to St George UT where we are meeting up with another couple of guys who take off tomorrow and will be waiting for us.

    We could go 50
    But what I would like to know is...
    Is there an interesting way to get there via maybe dropping down 395 somewhat and then ... ?

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    Re: Carson City to Bryce UT - Suggestions?


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    Re: Carson City to Bryce UT - Suggestions?

    If it were me, (keep in mind I like the heat, desert rat) I'd take 395 south through Bishop to Big Pine, then cut through Death Valley. A lot more scenic than 50 but a detour with some serious heat at the end. Take a Camelbak if you hit the desert this time of year.

    But then I'm insane, usually found riding in the deserts of Ca, NV, and AZ in 120 degree heat wearing black leathers! But I grew up in the desert so I'm alright with it.
    "The key to life is to die young, at a very old age"

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    Re: Carson City to Bryce UT - Suggestions?

    Okay, here’s my 2˘ worth – my personal favorite route into southern Nevada:
    Take US395 south to CA168 just north of Big Pine. Go east on 168 to Oasis and pick up CA266, which becomes NV266. 266 takes you to US95 at Lida Junction. Nothing at Lida Junction but a whore house (I only know ‘cause I’ve past by it, wise guys). You’ll be a few miles north of Beatty, which has a few motels and a few small casino/hotels.

    Highways 168 and 266 are empty, other than an occasional local. Nice twisties, and some straights. Not as hot as Death Valley. There’s one section near Westgard pass where the highway narrows to one-lane and passes through a steep canyon. Very cool ride IMHO. But do slow down. Because, even though no one else would have been through there in the last hour, if your luck is like mine, that’s when one lone rancher in his pick-up might be coming the other way.

    The hardest part of your trip will be turning back while the other riders keep going. Good luck with that no matter which way you go.
    Tom Lashbrook
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