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Thread: Talk about a toy run!

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    Talk about a toy run!

    this was posted on a GoldWing Forum - interesting
    To give you some idea of the biking scene in South Africa, last weekend was the toy run for Johannesburg and there were 22300 motorcycles present. It established a WORLD record for a toy run for a specific town.

    It is generally accepted by motorcycle scribes that the finest weather on earth for biking is to be found in Southern Africa. Johannesburg has an average of 280 days of sunshine per year. Summer is 9months long and winter day temps average about 70F, nights are coldish but no snow and only some parts of the country experience frost.

    Parts for all the major brands of bikes are always available, exotics like the Wing, Victory etc have specialist shops who fly parts into the country on a regular basis, but being a wing rider, apart from oil filters and the like, one does not need much.

    The Harley scene in SA is huge, and per capita population has the highest Harley concentration outside of the USA. In fact, the biking slogan in South Africa, is BIKER NATION! Many Brits and Europeans come to South Africa during the northern hemisphere winter and ride here. We have the finest tarred roads in the whole of Africa and we share an international border with Mozambique, which is one of the last unspoilt paradises left on earth.

    You may be interested to have a look at a map and check where Johannesburg is and then look at the southern border of Angola.My wife and I are leaving Jhburg on the 22 Dec and going to Angola through Botswana and Namibia then onto the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. A trip of about 4200miles

    Hope this did`nt bore you.

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    Re: Talk about a toy run!

    and not one picture? weak sauce

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    Re: Talk about a toy run!

    there were around 2 thousand at the toy run here.1 fatality unforutnately.
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    Re: Talk about a toy run!

    anyone ever see the sac to bay run? never seen so many bikers.

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