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Thread: Fish Rock Rd

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    Fish Rock Rd

    For you adventure types heading to the coast via Hwy 128.

    Fish Rock Rd is before Boonville heading West. Road is marked by road sign on the left.

    9 miles out it turns to dirt for 15 miles before dumping you on to Inverness Rd and the coast.

    Yes this road is off the beaten path. I saw 2 pick ups and some helicopter aerial logging on Fathers Day.

    I do not recomend this road for the ST13. The tip over wings get in the way when you stick your foot out to help control a slide and the occasional soft goey stuff that I couldn't miss easily deflects the front wheel. My avg speed? 25mph

    Have fun
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    Re: Fish Rock Rd

    It has been many years since I was on fish rock road.

    I saw this kid while on the road:

    Don't break down. Don't have a "purty" mouth.

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