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Thread: need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay

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    need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay


    new to the bay area, upon my arrival, my busa was stolen from my carport.
    they recovered it that later evening with damage. my insurance company told me i can take it to where ever i want to have it repaired, i figured local suzuki dealership would be simple and quality assured, the insurance comapany "bike expert adjuster" said that was fine but the dealership was extremely slow fixing insurance bike work.

    they recommended Old School Customs in San Jose, Ca for the repairs.

    does anyone have any recommendations on this shop, or any other shops i might consider having the bike towed to for insurance repairs.


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    Re: need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay

    Can't comment on where to take your bike, but find a better place than a carport or it WILL be stolen again. Find a locked garage somewhere, that should be safest.

    Could also ask in the SBR or BARF forums, as they are local to your area.

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    Re: need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay

    Evolution Suspension in San Jose
    SportBike Dynamics in Petaluma

    These businesses have received a lot of positive feedback on both SBR and Barf forums

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    Re: need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay

    What part of the bay area are you in? If it’s near the North Bay, Petaluma area, I would suggest Sport bike dynamics also. Alan is a great guy and he will do the job right. He has my bike right now doing some work to it. He is a one man operation and actually cares about people’s bikes. If he does not answer, leave a message and he will get back to you.

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    Re: need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay

    If you've got to park in an open carport, look at installing an anchor point like one of these.
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    Re: need reputable shop, bike stolen in SFBay

    I use Ted's Beemer Shop in Scott's Valley. It's a small shop with total focus on the bike, not your wallet. He does BMWs. I don't know if he does Busas, but you can ask.
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