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    I am in the market for CRF 150 with electric start and will sell my 2003 XR100. If anyone is interested on my current bike, please pm me. Anyone have CRF 150 to sell, please pm me.

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    Re: Crf150

    Hey, first of all 150s dont have electric start, at least not that i know of, but once it is warmed up they are very easy to start.

    I HAVE A 150 THAT I AM SELLING. It is the old 150, which is actually better than the new one. Its a 2004, but being a Honda it will run forever.
    Its an amazing bike, i wish i didnt have to sell it, but a car for getting to work and back is "more important" (as my parents say), which obviously isnt true b/c theres nothing better than dirtbiking.

    Heres the link to the ad for it:

    Price is negotiable.

    And btw where is fremont? I live about an hour south of LA

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    Re: Crf150

    trones, get a dualsport, check out the qlink sp200 or a lifan 200 it is basically adirtbike you can ride on the road.

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