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Thread: Yamaha CT 175 - Ever had one?

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    Yamaha CT 175 - Ever had one?

    Just put a deposit down on a '73 CT 175 for my son as a first bike. It's in pretty good shape, rode it around a bit, seems like fun (and not too much HP, thankfully.) And it's got major retro cool...

    I'm wondering if any of you have ever owned one of these, things to look out for, best way to ride it, etc. Thanks for any info!


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    Re: Yamaha CT 175 - Ever had one?

    I got one as my 2nd bike when I was 13. It was a 71 and my Dad had a 70 which he gave me a few years ago. I haven't ridden it much lately it is in the garage.
    The suspension is old tech or not much or rough in comparison to the newer bikes. My current dirt bike is a 91 KDX 200 the power and suspension is much better. Power on the 175 isn't to bad. Low end is not its strong point. mostly good mid range.
    My first one had been raced before I got it and after a few yrs of riding it, it would pop out of 5 gear so I would just hold it in gear with my toe.
    I bought a 2nd one in college for my wife but she was riding my 78 175 that had more suspension travel and she didn't like the 71.
    They are fun bikes but just not up to the newer tech. They are fun to ride and reliable and I have been able to get parts. Just think of a 70s car vs a new one.
    Should be a great first bike.

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