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Thread: Back from Switzerland

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    Back from Switzerland

    My sister won a free trip to Switzerland through her employer (same one as Mr. Pashnit himself) and I was lucky enough to be asked to join her as her guest. It is a beautiful country. Full of green vineyards, old chateaus and lots and lots of bikes and scooters. I was jonesin' pretty badly for my bike everytime I'd round a corner and there'd be a bunch of bikes and their riders. I will try to post a picture later as time allows.

    Also just signed up for a dirt bike class on Saturday (7/9) held in Prairie City. Just a one-day class and not as intense as some that I've seen advertised on the net (four day class for racers, etc.). I'm looking forward to learning more about how a bike handles when it's out of control (or make that doesn't handle). LOL!

    I will post after the class to let you know how it goes.


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    Lets Eat Back from Switzerland

    Just a short hello. I lived in CH (Switzerland) for 13 some years. If you ever get the chance to go back and on a bike, you will learn a whole new world of riding. The scenery, people, wine & food, just indescribable. I bought my BMW K1100RS/SE there, and put most of my 95K on it up in those curves.

    There is a reason that most Euro-riders are better at our sport than many of your native cousins! The roads are demanding, the weather challenging, and the "level" of riding most often higher. A short 300Km day up in the Alps sounds easy, but will give many of us a good work-out.

    Smiles guaranteed!

    Ride well & ride happy!


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    Re: Back from Switzerland

    Took the MSF beginer's dirt bike course on Saturday. I have to say I have a newfound respect for anyone who has mastered the skill and technique taught at the class. Our instructor was great. His name is Rob Rickert and his teaching methods were very good. He had some great analogies for using the brake and throttle.

    Spent a lot of time riding standing up on the pegs and my legs were killing me yesterday but they're better today. Our class consisted of five women and two younger boys (probably aged 11-12). Everyone else who took the class had some dirt bike experience except for me and one other woman also street rode (Harley 883 sportster). Unfortunately, while almost everyone tipped their bike over at one point, I was the only one to crash spectacularly. I have the spectacular bruises to prove it, too. LOL!

    Just goes to show how important it is to wear the proper riding attire. Fortunately, after I fell on the bike the back wheel chewed through the protective gear and not through my leg like it wanted to. I hope this is the first and last spectacular fall I'll ever take.

    After my fall though, I seemed to do pretty well. Some of the skills I never thought I could do (ones taught at the street bike MSF class) I was able to do fairly well at the dirt bike school. Some of that is Rob's coaching on the proper use of the clutch. I don't think I've been using that enough on the street while riding slowly and standing on the pegs made almost every maneuver easier to do (with the exception of shifting while standing). It was while trying to shift in a standing position that I got completely out of control and crashed.

    All in all, a good class for the money and I hope to be able to use some of the techniques learned on the road. Specifically clutch control and shifting of my weight from side to side as needed to counterbalance. I wouldn't really say that we did any "trail" riding so don't know for sure that I would ever dirt bike again but worth my time and money regardless.

    My hats off to you dirt bikers who have those skills down.

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Back from Switzerland

    Me and the dirt made an agreement when I was a young spud ... I don't ride dirt bikes and the dirt won't break my body parts. Sounded like a fair exchange to me. A lot like my agreement with Jose ... he said if I don't drink him anymore, he won't make me puke anymore ... another good idea.
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