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Thread: Circle Northern California 4-Day - Memorial Day Weekend 2008

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    Circle Northern California 4-Day - Memorial Day Weekend 2008

    My wife Maggie, my dog Rossi (as in 'Valentino) and I decided to camp up near Trinity Lake for the long weekend. We had a feeling Tim and his crew would be passing through the area so we kept our eyes open. We stopped at a vista point on Shasta Dam road and lo and behold....

    Good to see you guys!

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    Re: Circle Northern California 4-Day - Memorial Day Weekend 2008


    What are the chances of that? I know the exact parking lot. Thats a great area to be camping.

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    Re: Circle Northern California 4-Day - Memorial Day Weekend 2008

    Hey man! Thanks for posting your pictures! I was in that tour, riding a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 (although now I own the mighty Concours 14). Anyway, I brainfarted and did not take my camera to that trip. I kick myself in the ass every day for it since then. Many people in that group took pictures, but despite my requests (or begging...), I could not get anyone to share yet. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this! If anyone of you get to read this (that means you Doyle, Tim M., Tim R., Dan, Jack, Billie, Jim, etc), come on, let's share those pics! I promise I'll take my camera on the August 29th ride...

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    Re: Circle Northern California 4-Day - Memorial Day Weekend 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by BMWRockster View Post
    What are the chances of that?
    That was fun running into you two Andre. Really was an odd coincidence. Although through the years, when our tour group have stopped in places, people at times run up to us and recognize the group being led by the blue/silver Hayabusa and know it's a Pashnit Tour.

    But to meet you in such a remote place is really a humdinger!

    [said in the witch's voice] ...And your dog Toto too!

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