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Thread: A Nice Sunday Ride With Friends Lots Of Pics

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    A Nice Sunday Ride With Friends Lots Of Pics

    This is the Ride we went on last sunday. My Father wrote the Naration and these are his pics.

    Where's the Camel Or "Rib Eye" the Cow
    July 3rd, 2005
    We had been in the planning stages of this ride for a few weeks when my brother, Rick, called from Houston saying he was going to be flying up to see Mom for the July 4th weekend. I called my sons who called some friends and we met at Hawks Prairie Inn at 8:00am.
    Hawks Prairie is a pretty good central location to meet up at. The restaurant has a pretty good breakfast. I've noticed that portions are quite large though. Not that I mind knowing that calories are really our friends.
    Interest was expressed in seeing the "Camel" down by Vader. It was decided to head to Vader and lunch at Clark's on Hwy 101. Depending on length of stops and "detours" the ride is 5 or 6 hrs and around 200 to 250 miles.

    Preparing to leave Hawks Prairie Restaurant

    Vena, Ricky and Rick.

    As can be seen in the above photo's the weather was sunny with scattered clouds and the forecast for the day "dry". This is good as we had 4 sport bikes with us that can have traction problems on wet roads.

    Looking West from Hwy 101.
    Taking the exit we cross over Hwy 101 westbound. This stretch of road is shaded by trees and has some good twisties as well as a good blacktop road surface. I set an easy pace not knowing the riding experience of everyone and after a few miles it appears that everyone is keeping up quite easily.

    Some of the group S/B on Waddle Creek Rd
    On the right side are some Burma Shave signs. Brenda who was behind Tanya was wondering why Tanya and I were slapping our helmets. She did not see the jokes. Guess I'm gonna have to come back soon and see what other jokes have been put up.

    Farm on Independence Road
    Independence Rd turns into Manner Rd that dead ends at Lincoln Creek Rd. Stopping here a few in the group are appearing a bit bored. Traffic is very light, the road dry and clean so I open the 1800 up and take off. The 1800 Goldwing is nothing like the older Goldwings. It can corner on a dime and leave you 9 cents change. I see that only Ricky, Chris and Brenda are keeping up. .

    Vena on right, Connie, Ricky and Tanya
    Oops that won't happen again. Realizing that Tanya needs some help to turn her Goldwing around Ricky runs down the road to assist her. Vena says that missing the turn took them down to a very large cow in a small pasture with a sign on the gate that said "Rib Eye."

    Taking a break in the middle of the road. Not one vehicle came by.
    While stopped here my brother, Rick, stated that Ol' Blue was quite underpowered and that he had to keep it mostly in third gear. He stated third gear had quite a mph range though. Somewhere in between 30 to 80. It was here that I noticed he was beginning to seek others to spell him a bit from Ol' Blue. Now I must admit that Ol' Blue has the original stock seat. This thing has the comfort of a two by six covered with a hand towel. I have a few aftermarket seats for Ol' Blue but somehow I forgot to put one of them on for Rick. Gotcha little brother!

    Stopping at the Adna store/Post Office/gas station/outhouse we take another short break. Four bicyclists we had passed just outside Adna also stopped and came over to jaw with us. It was here that Chris changed bikes with Brenda to give her a chance to experience the power of the Hyabusa. If she hasn't ridden one before she won't forget this experience.

    Ricky, Brenda & Vena discuss Leather or Spandex

    Curtis Hill looking towards Boitsford
    As we approach the "T" at Boitsfort Rd we see a large number of Goldwings and Cruisers stopped at the general store. We turn South on Boitsfort Rd heading to the Vader - Ryderwood road and the "Camel." We have another 20 or so miles to go in some of the best farm/ranch country in SW Washington. Having traveled a couple of miles I'm passed by three bikes.

    Brenda in front on Chris' Hyabusa and Chris on Brenda's VFR
    Ricky, not in the picture, is the third bike. They roar off ahead of us and we catch up a few miles later.
    As I stated before this is some great farm/ranch land. Lots of cattle, dairy farms, hay and corn being grown.

    Here is some of the group again.
    I've passed this tree stump in the next photo a dozen times and cannot for the life of me figure out why it has a sandbox built around it. Anyone know why?

    What is it?
    A bit further on I take a photo of some Holstein dairy cows. What is this cow doing? Jumping over the black cow, vaulting over the fence pole. Sometimes photo's express something totally different than what they were taken for.

    What's this cow doing?
    Arriving at the Vader - Ryderwood Rd we turn West for about 1/2 mile and come to the small pasture the Camel, the mule and a goat share. To my surprise they are all gone. There are two horses in the pasture. I'm deeply wounded. The Camel is gone. I didn't see it in any of the surrounding pastures either. Maybe it had been moved! We proceed towards Vader looking for it but it's gone. However our disappointment is short lived because this stretch of new blacktop has some bodacious curves and twisties for the next 5 miles.
    We stop just East of Vader at a combo gas station/general store. I apologize for the absence of the Camel. Everybody is disappointed but the ride has been fun so we all recover quickly. Ricky helps by posing in a camel position on his bike. Taking advantage of everyone's sorrow for not having seen the Camel, Rick talks Chris into finally trading bikes with him. Chris must have really been feeling sorry to do this. Ol' Blue don't mind though. He just likes to get out and ride.

    Ricky in Camel position pose.
    Instead of doubling back and taking the Pe Ell - MacDonald Rd we take the Vader - Winlock road North. Here we are passing through Winlock.

    Ricky, Rick on the Hyabusa, Vena and behind her Chris on Ol' Blue
    About 10 miles north of Winlock we make a left turn onto Pleasant Valley Rd. This takes us to Hwy 6 where we turn West and head to Pe Ell. On this stretch of road we run into a few slow moving vehicles. I'm sure Rick appreciates being on Chris' bike.
    Ricky. Victim number 2!!
    It's about 1pm now. We've actually made pretty good time for having made so many stops. We are about 25 miles from Raymond and Clarks restaurant is about 15 miles further north on Hwy 101. The weather has been holding and the temp is approaching 75 degrees. Rick has somehow convinced his nephew, Ricky, to swap bikes. Wonder what yarn he had to spin to get Ricky to swap bikes.
    The ride from Pe Ell to Raymond was pretty uneventful. The road is boring but one can get into triple digits if one has a desire to do so. One rider did claim to get into triple digits. I can tell you it wasn't Ricky on Ol' Blue. He'd have to be heading downhill with a 90 mph tail wind to get into triple digits.
    A half mile north of Artic is Clark's Restaurant... our destination for lunch and one of their great milkshakes.

    Only the guys on their cell phones?
    We had a great visit while eating lunch. Rick was whining about having to ride Ol' Blue again and the girls all got up and gave him a group hug to ease his pain. I know he enjoyed this.
    Rick trying to get Dayle to be victim number 3.
    The following photo's were taken on Hwy 12.
    Connie on her Suzuki

    Connie again with the closed Satsop nuclear plant towers in background

    Rick back on Ol' Blue

    Tanya on Rascal

    Ricky squatting. Is his backside sore?

    Vena on her Suzuki

    Chris on his Hyabusa

    Brenda on her VFR

    Brenda again

    Dayle on Buckwheat
    Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow!!!???

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    Re: A Nice Sunday Ride With Friends Lots Of Pics

    Sorry the narative is not what it should be. I have to edit it because it was way over the charactar limit.
    Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow!!!???

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    Re: A Nice Sunday Ride With Friends Lots Of Pics

    Quote Originally Posted by Neeley
    Sorry the narative is not what it should be. I have to edit it because it was way over the charactar limit.
    Nice Photos. Damn I knew I should have went your way. I could have tag along. I went to Hurricane ridge and decided to head back 101 East and north to Highway 20 towards Whidbey Island and headed home to Oyster Run City.

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    Re: A Nice Sunday Ride With Friends Lots Of Pics

    Looks like a pretty good day, riding with friends, sharing a meal or two, and seeing some right purty countryside...I haven't traveled that area much, but after your posts, I may have to make a trip through the neighborhood.

    Thanks for the fun read and the pics...

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