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Thread: How old are your NEW tire !!

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    How old are your NEW tire !!

    Tell me how old are your NEW tire
    sometime it's not what you ask for !!
    The last 4 number are the week and the year they were made
    21st week of the year 2004 ...2104
    This is the tire that was on my fist 2005 Rocket III
    Built 06/04

    This a report made by ABC about NEW TIRES

    Michel 140cubicinches

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    Re: How old are your NEW tire !!

    Supposedly the code will be on the OUTSIDE wall of new tires sold after last year. On all of my cars, the code is on the INSIDE wall of the tires. The oldest is on my 4Runner and about 8 years old - time to replace them.

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    Re: How old are your NEW tire !!

    I just got new tires. And I learned the code. And they showed me the date at the shop. Mine were new new.
    And nice too. Pilot Road 2. They feel great, smooth, flexible. Much nicer than the Bridgestone 20's.

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    Re: How old are your NEW tire !!

    Interesting bit of info there 140.
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    Re: How old are your NEW tire !!

    I recieved an e-mail from an attorney for the business I work for the other day. The basics tell me that we (the auto dealer I work for) can be liable if we examine a tire condition and do not inform the customer that the tire is over six years old and therefore dangerous. The tire industry is taking a stand that there is no shelf life on tires, but rest assured that this will heat up over the next couple of years as lawyers start figuring out they can sue someone.
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    Re: How old are your NEW tire !!

    Get my tires from SWMOTO and they are alwasy fresh.

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