I have been a little too busy since we returned from our excursion to the great Northwest, to get this posted.

The trip went something like this.

Leave Clovis, Ca early in the morning to avoid the dreaded heat. Slab it up 99 for a ways, cross the Sacramento Delta, and head to the wine country, Clearlake, and spend the first night in foggy Ft Bragg.

Day 2 Meander up the coast, thru the Avenue of the Giants and coastal Oregon. The weather was cool, lots of stop and go traffic, beautiful rivers and bridges. Spent the night in Reedsport. Great clam chowder and seafood.

Day 3 Slow stop and go traffic thru coastal Oregon, dam sightseeing vacationers. Crossed the Columbia at Astoria, and did not get a close up pic of the bridge. Too much traffic. Slow traffic thru Washington too. Seattle freeways were bumper to bumper, a total nightmare. I only lost it once. Spent the night at Mukelteo. Great brew pub. Great seafood. 4 star hotel.

Day 4 Took the ferry to Whitby Island, enyoyed the country like setting of this rural Island. Not too much traffic. Driving into the Skaggit Valley, the Cascades were in front of us, the traffic evaporated, river to the right, winding roads, blue skys, life is Good! Over the Cascades and into Canada.
Once again it was the height of tourist season, and Penticton was crawling with vacationers. Overnighted there.

Day 5 Penticton north to Valemont. Beautiful forests. Spectacular rivers.
Pretty much unspoiled country/mountain terrain. Wonderful lightly traveled roads. Bedbugs were also in season in Canada. Dam things are worse than mosquetos.

Day 6 The Canadian Rockies. Columbia icefields/Glaciers. Stunning rivers. Majestic mountains. Spectacular!! Ya got to see it to believe it. Lake Louise. We were planning to spend the night in Radium, but as luck would have it, the town was booked, and the gas stations were out of, or running out of gas. So we drove en extra 60 miles to Cranbrook for the night.

Day 7 I needed a new rear tire and $450 later we were on the road again. Thru the Rockies again, onto the great plains, then back into the rockies visiting Glacier National Park, and the Going to The Sun road. Followed the rivers and spent the night looking out over Flathead Lake.

Day 8 Heading south, following the Lewis and Clark trail, and the Salmon river. We planned on staying in Stanley, but as luck would have it, yup, tourist season, and not a room to be had. Called a buddy in Twin Falls, and spent the night there. Dinner was overlooking the Snake River Canyon, drinking beer, and feasting on New York steak.

Day 9 My buddy gave us a tour of the falls of Twin Falls. We then were off heading south into Nevada, to be overnighting in Ely. As luck would have it, it was county fair time in Ely, and every descent motel was booked. Found a cheep place. No bedbugs.

Day 10 Ely to Reno. Beautiful hiway 50. I love the high desert of Nevada. A brief stop off at Virginia City. Then onward to Harrahs. I got a spectacular photo of the famous sign, Biggest little city. 2am in the morning All neon, and I erased it! F#%*!

Day 11 The last leg home. Down 395, up and over tioga Pass. Stop for the flowers at Crane flat, and then the last 100 mile of twisties to get back to Clovis.

4000 miles and saddle sore.

Pictures? You want pictures? look here http://picasaweb.google.com/twistedt...08NWAdventure#

The next adventure will be happening in December. Clovis to Cabo San Lucas Mexico.