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Thread: Pashnit Gathering

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    Pashnit Gathering

    Though I had better jump in here , and say what a good time I had at the gathering!!! It was very good to meet everyone, and at least I can put a face to a lot of names now . Want to thank Tim and everyone else that had a hand in getting it organized. Com3 and I rode back to Placerville together Sat. night good ride it was cooler,but we had to make a couple of stops to clean bugs so we could see where we were going.
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    Re: Pashnit Gathering

    It was nice to meet you Bob. Glad to hear you had a safe trip home...sans bugs. Props for hanging with Com3 - he passed Gary, Donna and my wife & I on Parrots Ferry on the way out. Not sure my wife woulda appreciated the lean angle if we tried to keep-up. Besides, Donna was having some paper issues so we were taking it slow.

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    Re: Pashnit Gathering

    Ahhhh....tyvm for reminding me.
    Damn park paper pass anyway...i thought for sure there was something loose in my front end...ya, my frontal lobe...

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