2009 BACKROADS California
Pashnit Motorcycle Tour

California BackRoads can be a lot of fun to ride and explore. Little or no traffic, incredible views across a mountainous terrain and of course on this tour we're never far from the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean.

This entire tour takes place in the heart of the coastal redwood forest so come prepared, excited, and full of anticipation! You'll be in awe at times as these giant trees reach over 350 feet in height. You can ride this tour on any bike, but keep in mind a goaty road is just that. Some riders love them, some riders loathe them. Some bikes are more well-suited than others. This tour is for those who want to feel the love!

It's three days of sharing stories, kicking tires, forgetting about our lives, our jobs, our responsibilities- whatever they may be, and just riding. You, the bike, the road.

March 13-15, 2009 - More Info Here