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Thread: On Any Wednesday!!

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    On Any Wednesday!!

    In the San Jose area is a machine shop owned by Tom K. for God only knows how many years all the old time racers and not so old time gather there to shoot the sh.. ahh stuff every Wednesday. . I hadn't been there in years as it is 100 miles from the house and getting down there I would have to be drive in commute traffic the whole way.

    I had work about 20 miles away this week so went down to visit soon as I could. Got there near 6 pm and I was late. You walk from the office into the back room and on the right are two important thing, the refrig with the beer and the wall of fame. Lots of signed autographed pictures on the wall. At the bottom on the right you will see the gray hair of Joe Leonard former AMA #1 and Indy car racer.

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    Just to the left of the wall you have a shot towards the back. Sitting down to the right of the monitor is Gene Duncan. Gene used to be a part owner of Sonny Kenyon's Bultaco shop and now works for K&L as a salesman. Gene was/is such a good salesman he sold bikes to people who couldn't ride. He taught them how.

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    Below is the sign that explains itself. "Motorcycle sport and the men who benchrace ON ANY WEDNESDAY. A TOM KEEBLE PRODUCTION Featuring Joe Leonard, Bob Scally, Steve Lacey and other dynamic personalities."
    Pete made up this sign, Good Work.

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    Your Host and his almost complete pit bike. Two engines, racing slick and a chain that Rube Goldberg would be proud of. What a great place. All of us wish we could have a place this cool to hang out at.

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    If your old you remember this name. Most of us where riding when this license expired. One guy I'm sending this to used to haul his Hodaka in the back of Mom's car. BYW Tom's shop has lots of " works in progress" littering, uh, placed among the tools he needs for his business.

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    Re: On Any Wedneday!!

    Hah! Excellent!
    Nice to know there are still places & people like that out there! Reminds me very much of some of the shops I used to stop at on my rounds as driver for a Service Center, inc. franchise. (Now who remembers them?) I used to shoot the breeze with Ed Iskendarian once in awhile at his shop, with his Yorkies giving me the Evil Eye from his lap or desk! The cams & valvetrain goodies just for the motorcycle side of his business was mind boggling.
    Good times.... good times....

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    Re: On Any Wedneday!!

    Joe Leonard



    Service Centers...........

    I'm having a flashback...........or a seizure

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    Re: On Any Wednesday!!

    Brings back lots of memories. I used to ride a Bultaco 250 Alpina and a friend rode a Hodaka 125

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    Re: On Any Wednesday!!

    Bill, what a great flash back and such a place to recall. Joe Leonard # 98 is one of my favorite riders. He could beat most riders even if his ride was a bicycle. I believe he made more money his rookie year of indy driving then he ever made as national # 1 on motorcycles. I have a 69 Hodaka Ace 100, 55 BSA Goldstar 500 thumper, 74 Yamaha 250 DT1 enduro plus a couple more bikes in my shed out in my back yard. More to look at and dream than any thing else.........but still who knows. In May of 2005 I wrote an article (my first on Pashnit I think) titled "On Any Wednesday" and it was about the group I ride with on any Wednesday. Thanks for posting some of your best memories........Ken
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