Never knew this one existed till some pictures and text arrived one day. Since then I've been meaning to get over to the Colfax region along I-80 to check out this road known for its cool switchback and intense views. Up before dawn, head out in the dark of night for the ride there, and made it Colfax before daybreak. Plan was to ride this southbound to Foresthill because no map give me a straight answer on how to ride this northbound from Foresthill Rd. The mapping program claims this road doesn't exisit. My kind of road.

Keep going past Auburn, then exit on North Canyon Way and Iowa Hill Rd is inbetween the two roads on the south side of the freeway. Keep in mind that Yankee Jims Rd to the west, (next one over) is only paved the first couple miles. There is a wood suspension bridge across the American River, but it's all gravel, and suited for a dual-sport. Learned that the hard way.

Hard to see what I'm taking a picture of in this photo. But there I am at the crack of dawn, sun really isn't up yet, and there's a bear standing in the middle of the road ahead. And two cubs in tow.

In all my travels through California- this is the first time I have ever seen a bear- especially at this low elevation which I'd guess at about 2000 feet. This one was rather small, nothing at all like in the movies. I was so startled by it, I slammed on the brakes, and whipped out the camera. Unfortunately, I forgot to shut the flash off to allow the camera to compensate for the minimal light. Tried to fire off a 2nd photo, but bear and two cubs walked off into the forest by then. Amazing. :