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Thread: Berryessa Corners set to reopen

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    Berryessa Corners set to reopen

    Berryessa Corners at the "Y" of Hwy's 128 & 121 is in the process of reopening under new management.
    Lil' D and I was out for a ride today and noticed some activity down at the long vacant establishment where riders used to congregate while taking a break from the long dusty trail.
    We met the new owners Mike & Tomara who were busy at work making improvements. They live in SF and plan on staying in the city while operating The Corners. (We'll see how long that lasts) They are very friendly and are excited about their new venture. They plan to open the store next week with the restaurant & bar approx. 30 days after that due to permits, red tape, etc... still pending. The restaurant will have bar-b-que too.
    If you're in the area, stop in and say "Howdy", they seem to be very bike friendly and could use the business since the lake is low and traffic is light.
    BTW... Lil' D and I had a good ride taking full advantage of the nice weather between storms. If you are up that way, watch for rocks and debris in the road... saw lots of Po Po too. Sorry no pics, to busy riding "n" BSing.
    Happy Trails.

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    Re: Berryessa Corners set to reopen

    Thats great news, you can never have "too many biker stops".

    Or is that the start of another thread


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    Re: Berryessa Corners set to reopen

    Known locally as "Poser's Corner" or Moskowitz Corners to those who go way back to before the lake was there, this place has long been a waystop for motorcyclists and others (boaters, tourii etc) when in the area. It's nice to know they will open again soon. Due to the seasonal nature of the traffic, there have been many management changes over the years...I wish the new folks the best of luck and will endeavor to do my part in their success... if only Stewart's Point Store would open again we'll have a great Summer stopping off at our traditional pitstops...

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    Re: Berryessa Corners set to reopen

    Moskowite Corners also figures into Zodiac lore, and some of the more seriously obsessed people who see themselves as having some kind of a chance at "solving" the case will undoubtedly resume their frequent meetings there. Ought to be an interesting mix of people.

    I wish the new owners good fortune. Eateries are a tough go during the best of economic times, and staying open during the week up there can be hard during many times of the year. If they're gonna have BBQ, I will definitely try it out. I'll keep Cucina Italiana as my primary hangout, though; it's become a tradition.
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