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Thread: Need Count: Who's attending Pashnit Gathering? - May 10

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    Re: Need Count: Who's attending Pashnit Gathering? - May 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit12 View Post
    Specific thread forth coming as Matt said, however, Tim has already posted the date: 8 May 2010. I'm a bit conflicted now, I want to go to the spring gathering, but I'm nearly fully committed to a 5 day field trip with my youngest daughter leaving on the 17th. Which is also Ladywulf's and mine wedding anniversary. She might not appreciate me taking off for a weekend then the next week taking off for 5 days with a group of 6th graders! Also I gotta see what my work situation is by then, I'm hoping I'll have a different job. Working nights is starting to really suck. Might be a day ride in for me this year.

    BTW, did I mention we got about 6 inches of new snow between yesterday to tonight? Looks like the Bandit is parked for a bit and my mood is starting to match my avatar perfectly!

    Explain to Sharrill that you will have a wedding anniversary every year, and missing one shouldn't be an issue! That should go over great!
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    Re: Need Count: Who's attending Pashnit Gathering? - May 10

    She's OK with me leaving for the 5 day field trip with the kids on our anniversary. Trying to get her to let me ride off for a weekend alone again might not go over so well though. She did say mumble about me driving the cage with the kids and her riding next time.....sumpin about it being her turn

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