The original plan for this weekend was to meet up with Gail (calikatoom) for another Cycle Specialties ds ride. Due to circumstances beyond Gails’ control the ride was canceled. After learning that the ride was canceled an old friend of mine called from the bay area informing me that a mutual friend of ours was having her 50th birthday party in Redwood City. I have known these people since the second grade so I thought it might be fun to see everyone again. Most of the people there I hadn’t seen since my wedding 10 years ago, a few more it had been even longer.

Though it was great to see everyone again I left the party with mixed feelings. It was great to see that I didn’t look half as bad as the majority of the people that were there. But seeing their kids have kids now made me feel a bit ancient. I couldn’t help but wonder, “is that what having kids does to a person”? I know that isn’t true but it sounds like a good reason. For the most part I know it was lifestyle decisions that lead to the early decay or excessive aging. I couldn’t wait to get home and go for a ride.

As soon as I arrived back in Oakhurst I changed into my riding gear and fired up the KLX to do some exploring.

I started out going north on Highway 49, made a left onto Road 600. Just putting along looking at every driveway or side road to see if there was a Not a Through Road sign. After traveling a few miles I saw the sign for Road 810. I remembered Eric (MegabyteBigE) had told me he took that road and ended up at Usona Road near Mariposa. I said to myself, “no time like the present to check it out”. The road started out nicely graded dirt and gravel. Winding up then down through the canyon, the road went from gravel to sand then goaty pavement then back to dirt again several times. After about 7 miles I was expecting to empty out on to pavement any minute.

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If you look closely at the middle of the picture you can see where the road ends up at the bottom of the mountain.

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After about 12 miles or so I came to a cattle crossing saying I was about to enter ranch land “No Trespassing” No Hunting etc. I figured they must mean not to stray off the road so I continued on. Finally I came to a sign that said Indian Peak Mt. Road and Mariposa County Line. The Road stayed dirt and gravel again for a couple of miles then turned to pavement once again. After a few 100 yards I see another sign “Pavement Ends”, cool onward I go. A few more turns then the surroundings start looking familiar again, must be Usona Road. Usona Road is a nice paved Road, actually rather fun, just have to look out for cars pulling out of driveways. After a couple of more miles I made a right onto Leonard Road also starting out paved then turned to gravel, nothing really outstanding about this Road just takes you down the mountain to Highway 49.

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Once back on Highway 49 I headed south back to Oakhurst feeling much better about the weekend. Nothing gets me out of a funk better than a nice solo ride through the mountains. Even better is finding a nice unpaved loop to share with your riding buddies next time they are in your area! Till next time.

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Don Hopkirk