On Saturday, a group of dual sporters had a route planned out. Street bike here, couldn't join them. Instead, planned to spend the day exploring.

Met Kent, riding a Kawasaki Concourse. Exquisite ride, I wouldn't mind having one.
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Went up North-South to Caldor Logging Road. It connects to Highway 88, but I was hoping to get to a side branch, an unnamed National Forest (NF) road going to - dunno! That's why we were exploring.

Alas, it was not to be. 11 miles up, came to our enemy, Mr. Snow.
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On the plus side, that meant we got to ride 11 miles of Caldor again! What fun!

Early Spring is NOT the time to rail the central and northern parts of North-South. It wouldn't be fun to come around a turn fast and see this in front of you.
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Continuing, we came to one of California's best goat trails, Bonetti Road. There are few roads in the entire state that match Bonetti's awesomeness. Cavedale Road near Sonoma, 23S16 in the southern Sierras, Lodge Road in the Santa Cruz mountains come close, but Bonetti tops them all.

Sometimes it was hard to find the road, there were so many needles. The car tracks were the only clue to the pavement's wanderings.
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This one time? On Bonetti Road? One guy wondered if cannibal pygmies would jump out of the bushes and get us. It's that remote.
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