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Thread: Helmetdance & the Grapes of Wrath 8/6-7 2005 - Sierra Nevada Mtns

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    Helmetdance & the Grapes of Wrath 8/6-7 2005 - Sierra Nevada Mtns

    Some rides are good, some are better, and some are off the chart like this one was. A little preface- I met Mark (Helmetdance) about a year ago on the Strega Nor. Cal. Tour We just happened to cross paths on Hwy 36. Just chatted for a while and wished him well on his ride. Some time later, I finally saw his post on his ride/adventure on the Pashnit site and learned he was planning on coming out west again. It was a nobrainer that I had to get in a ride with him.
    What made this ride so awesome was first the company [Mark (Helmetdance) Jim (Wanderlust) Kipp, Drew (Dr.Motard) and at the 11th hour his college buddy Matt], second the road selection (108/395/120 and bonus roads), and finally the weather. With the miserable heat around here, we lucked out with cloud cover that followed us all day and kept us cool and made for great scenery.
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