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Thread: Need Advice - 2 Day Oregon Coast trip

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    Hammer Head2 Need Advice - 2 Day Oregon Coast trip

    Hi all - I'm planning a Oregon coast trip from Seattle. Orginally we had more time, but it's funny how work gets in the way, so now I'm down to 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) maybe leave Friday afternoon/evening for an extra couple hundred miles.......but lets plan on 2 days.

    We'd like to head down the Oregon coast as far as we can get and then back to Seattle. We don't mind I-5 for the way home to save some time.

    Any side roads or other passes, highways etc that need not be missed would be appreciated.

    The route we've planned

    I-5 South from Seattle >
    US 30 out of Longview >
    SR 47 at Clatskanie >
    Highway 26 >
    US 53 >
    S101 @ Nehalem>
    South on 101 to Florence (stay the night in Florence)

    101 South from Florence >
    East on US38 from Reedsport >
    I-5 North to Seattle

    Total 750 miles

    We'd like to keep riding time down to 7 hours a day of actual riding time if possible....

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Need Advice - 2 Day Oregon Coast trip

    I just returned from my Sierra ride by way of Hwy 38, so I'll comment;
    Hwy 38 is nice enough, but not terribly technical. If you're just looking for a relaxing ride, it's a good road, runs along the Umpqua river. There's an Elk herd to look at as well. About halfway back to I-5 on Hwy. 38 is the town of Drain. Gas and grub are available. Prior to Drain is Elkton. Premium at $2.50/gal. Pretty cool.

    I was never below 80 MPH northbound on I-5 from the Hwy 38 cut off so the miles went pretty quick to Portland. Running time from Reedsport to PDX was 4.0 hrs., and that included a gas stop and several stops to duct tape my helmet back together (see below).

    Hwy. 30 is (how do I say this nicely) nuthin' to talk about.

    The road over to Hwy 26 is very nice. Elk there as well, along with lots of antlered critters so you need to keep an eye out. There is also a bit of logging going on so the corners can have lots of small gravel on 'em. Sometimes hard to see until it's too late.

    The coast south of Hwy 26 is crowded with tourists but there are some real pretty areas along the way. If you have time, take the turn off to Cannon Beach. It's a nice place to get off the bike and walk around, maybe get something to eat or drink.

    Check the weather forecast right before you leave, as it was so windy today on the south coast that it blew my Schuberth helmet off my tank bag causing one of the hinges to break (ref. the duct tape). Wasn't a lot of fun.....

    Hwy 53 is tight and a barrell of fun. Couple of tricky spots, but a definite E Ticket road. Tight, narrow, not many cages. It will give you a workout.

    All in all a good, relaxing run for any bike. Services are available every fifteen miles or so. Weather on the coast was 65 degrees, by Drain it was 85 degrees.

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    Re: Need Advice - 2 Day Oregon Coast trip

    Very good info there, Kevin! Filing for later use when I get a trip to Oregon in. Gotta visit the in-laws up in Portland again sooner or later! Thanks!

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    Re: Need Advice - 2 Day Oregon Coast trip

    Sounds like a great weekend.. My suggestion if it becomes to much of a pain going back north on I-5 (that's a long way) is to get off at 99 or 221 and go into McMinnville and back on to 47 going north. Just after Vernonia take Apiary Road and that will come out right at the Longview bridge. Then follow 411 to north to Vader, the 506 to Highway 6 and that will take you back to I-5 at Chehalis.

    Have a great time no matter which route you choose.

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