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Thread: Any updates on Tyler condition?

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    Any updates on Tyler condition?

    How is she doing?, can't find the original post that has the web site with current updates.

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    Re: Any updates on Tyler condition?

    Here's the thread

    The Caring Bridge link is on page 3. There haven't been any entries for a while. No news is good news? I hope.

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    Re: Any updates on Tyler condition?

    CaringBridge journal

    The latest entry:

    Well as the post stated yesterday -- I have to say the same -- Tyler "YOU" are an amazing person. Going through so much and welcoming the next adventure in the recovery process.

    We too had a late dinner due to Tyler's activities during the day, which had obviously tuckered her out. When I arrived Tyler was sleeping soundly. I was told by Dennis (Big D) to wait in the lobby and not wake Tyler -- I politely said I wouldn't dare wake our Tyler and insisted on waiting in her room while she slept. I kept quiet -- tip toed in and waited -- Tyler woke about an hour and half later.

    I have to say it was one of the best visits by far -- we chatted and caught up for another hour and half. It was great to hear Tyler talk about the next steps and anxious to move on. She got to visit the rehab facility and talk to folks there -- both physical therapists and patients -- she was very impressed as to how positive, encouraging and helpful all were and described the facility as bright, positive and cheery.

    As I left Tyler tonight -- it is indeed the small stuff. I know for myself I look at everyday life in a very different light!

    Onward and forward Tyler -- on to the next chapter in your book!

    Team Tyler

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    Re: Any updates on Tyler condition?

    Tyler has made constant improvement throughout her hospital stay. She's back in CA., has finished her skin grafts and is now allowed brief outings in a wheel chair. She's visited every day by family and maintains a good attitude throughout her progressive treatments. She's due to begin physical therapy very soon and looking forward to the day she can return to her normal life.

    Tyler's Caring Bridge website receives daily updates and can be subscribed to here:

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