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Thread: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

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    California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    So your out in the middle of nowhere,Pope Valley Rd near Napa, where only Pashnit people go and on your left you see this. Hub caps on every fence post and pole.
    Name:  1st view.JPG
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    You get closer and there are even more hub caps.
    Name:  left up close.JPG
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    On the brakes and you make a U turn and this is on your right

    Name:  side.jpg
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    And here you are. You knew this place was here because it is an official State of California Monument. If those outside the state didn't think we were crazy this will prove it.

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    Here is the whole thing.

    Name:  overall mon..jpg
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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    The ranch entrance

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    No doubt Lito must have been a character.

    Name:  lito sign.JPG
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    I've always loved these airmail boxes. Recently people have changed them to junk mail boxes.

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    Finally people are still throwing hub caps over the fence 25 years or so since Lito's death.
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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    Yes indeed one of the sights to see in my neighborhood.

    Much more fun to look out than a BARFer with his bike stuck in a tree for low siding up the road.
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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    I've passed this numerous times on the back way up to Lake County, but I've never really stopped and looked. Thanks for sharing your pictures and the story - pretty cool!

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    Hammer Head2 California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    now I think I've seen everything......

    thanks Bill

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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    That's pretty dern strange, y'all.

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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    I hate hubcaps. I think they should be outlawed. I mean who has hubcaps anymore anyway.
    Alloys. A perfect world is where there are no hubcaps and all cars, bikes, etc come with alloys as standard, and hubcaps are not offered as an option, and aftermarket hubcaps don't exist.
    And all the old hubcaps are melted down and made into new bikes.

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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    I thought I had some photos of the Pearsonville hubcap farm but I can't find them now.
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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    Interesting. For some stragnge reason, I envision a tornado...
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    Re: California State Monument to...HUBCAPS?

    Poor man's burgler alarm.

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