Leaving Lands End riding a detour to Weymouth then on to Salisbury for the night ,to wake up to rain we set off to Cambridge in the pouring rain heading for the M25 we wish we had not bothered who planned that road .. never mind it had to be done to get across the M11 up to Cambridge our next stop for the night and did it keep on raining .

As one can see water water everywhere
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Still raining heavy
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Time to fuel up and get on with it as one does
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We ride in all weather wet or sunshine are we mad no,just bikers.The
M25 lost us at least one and a half hours today.So we took a detour to get off it..
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Arriving at our stay for the night, it was park up,lock up, and bar ,no time for a wash that will come a little later .
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Staying at the Unicorn was great the landlord had hot roast potatoes on
the bar with salt pepper, cloths, forks ,spoons ,and just said eat all you want
so we did and after four quick pints went to get changed for the night time session ,even after that we left early 11-30pm the bar was still open I just wanted to sleep in a dry bed ,and be ready for our ride back home North M11 --A1 --A19 Middlesbrough two and a half hours.
if all goes well .We had been warned about speed cams on the route by the locals and kept a keen eye out for them ,,