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Thread: Almost back...

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    Almost back...

    Hi Guys...
    Anyone miss me?

    As I noted a ways back my other passion is Porsches, and I am heavily involved in the 912 Registry.
    We had our annual 4 day event in Solvang and it was fabulous!

    We just had this weekend an event in conjunction with the Porsche Club of America in Santa Rosa. Had a great time there as well.
    Met a very nice gentleman named Alois Ruf
    He likes to modify cars, made something called Yellowbird, it was there too!

    But now the major Porsche stuff is done on the calander and I can get back to my other love, Pizza!

    Just kidding! it's riding bikes and the people that go with it.
    It's funny, this weekend I kept thinking of the Pashnit group. The PCA has a slogan, "It's not just the cars, it's the people" and I couldn't help but think it's the same here too!

    Anyhow, I'm almost back.
    I have to organize the life and then I can get back into posting, riding, and posting some more!

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