Well, I've had a lot of exciting stuff happen to me over the years, but I think this is one of those that tops the list. Got a call from a fella that is introducing a full-color new magazine to the US motorcycle market: RoadTrip Magazine.

Catering to the biker that loves to get out there- explore, taste the air, it's plumb full of various articles from traveling via motorcycle all over the US. This article was just published in the debut issue, Fall 2005. They expect to go national with this magazine in a few months. Initial run of this issue is 60,000 copies. (By comparison, Cycle World is about 330,000/mo)

Here's the article for your reading enjoyment that was published about the origin and creation of a much beloved website - Pashnit.com & it's author. A man on a mission to share this passion for riding with the world. Very excited to share this with you for those that may not be yet aware of this new magazine!


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