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Thread: Adventure Bike Night - Free TKC80 tires - Wed July 27th!

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    Adventure Bike Night - Free TKC80 tires - Wed July 27th!

    Adventure Bike Night
    TOMORROW Wed July 27th
    Win a Free set of TKC80 Tires!

    Cycle Specialties is hosting an Adventure Bike Night! Be sure to ride your bike down here to show off your ride, swap stories and see some good friends! We will be serving sodas and snacks. We have some great presentations to help you become a better, more prepared Adventure Rider. We will review some great products as well as tire repair basics. We will also be raffling off a FREE set of Continental TKC80 tires! If you already have plans..... change them. This is gonna be a great night! Presentations get started around 6:30 PM.

    EXCLUSIVE: We will get to see the brand new, unreleased Cape Town Adventure Jacket from Alpinestars! This new riding jacket has not even been released yet. It is loaded with features and comes from one of the World's premier motorcycle gear manufacturers. We get to put our hands on one and be the first to see this new top shelf offering from Alpinestars !

    EXCLUSIVE: We are giving away a free set of Continental TKC80 tires! One lucky attendee will go home with a new set of street legal knobby tires! (a $369.00 value!) Everyone gets to throw their name in the hat. You must be present to win!

    EXCLUSIVE: As adventure riders, we have unique safety gear needs both on and off the road. We will explore some gear options that can connect the gap between our street and dirt riding needs.

    EXCLUSIVE: Like it or not, you are bound to get a flat tire when you least expect it. If you are in the woods, your only road-side assistance is yourself! Learn what works and what doesn't. Do you know if you have tubeless or tubed tires? Are you prepared? We will show you the tools needed and share some "tribal knowledge" on making this job a little easier.
    Let's Ride!

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    Adventure Bike Night Free TKC80 tires Wed July 27th

    Very much the helpful information

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