Ride to North Scotland,leaving Teesside on the A66 then A19 North bound up to Berwick on the A19 - A1- across the Forth Road Bridge to Blair Athol for a pint or two ,after parking up for the day in the Blair Athol Hotel

Parked at Berwick for petrol which is not cheap these days

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My bmw some 20 years old now i think
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Micks Goldwing which i have never rode yet
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Blair Athol camping site Just north of Pitlochry on the A9 North
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Nice site all you need here
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I have stayed here a few times now it just breakes the ride up nice
aprox 200 miles from home ,Teesside East Coast UK.
from here it is Inverness A9 North bound and A99 Wick then A99
To John o Groats all along the East Coast To the Top.
,all in tents on the cheap