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Thread: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

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    Lets Eat Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    Last Saturday we visited my son at UCSB. He took us out for breakfast to the Cold Spring Tavern, on Stagecoach Rd., right of Hwy. 154. The restaurant consists of the old stagecoach station on San Marcos Pass, was build more than 125 years ago and is still in it's original form. It feels like right out of Haensel and Gretel

    They serve lunch and dinner everyday, with dinner on the expensive side at about $ 25 - $ 30. Lunch is much more affordable, around $ 10 ( burgers and bbq tri tip sandwich are favorites ) as well as breakfast, which is served only on weekends. On a nice day, there's quite a big moto crowd here, but on this early Saturday morning, we were almost the only guests.

    Atmosphere is very rustic, service good and the food is great. My wife had french toast with their homemade, molasses added bread and was very happy. As well as my son with his pork chop. I loved my venison sausage patties with fried potatoes and eggs and extremely good made biscuits and gravy.

    I highly recommend this place at least for breakfast. Though my son says lunch is also great here.


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    Re: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    Great, now I have to go to bed hungry.

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    Re: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    Great place!! My wife's folks used to run the San Marcos Baptist Camp just down the ravine from the CST in the mid '70's... when it was a lot newer...

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    Re: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    Walt and I ate dinner there many years ago and remember it to be a fantastic place. I think that even nowadays you need dinner reservations to get in on the great food. It had an ecclectic menu (I remember venison-stuffed mushrooms that were yummmmy!) with different kinds of game (venison, rabbit, ....).

    We like to take the old stage road every time we travel on Hwy 154. It's a nice break from the grind of the tourist parade over San Marcos Pass.


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    Re: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    I've been there about half a dozen times and have never been disappointed. Great ambience, very good food at super-reasonable prices. Worth planning your ride to be there at meal time.

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    Re: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    Go on a Sunday around 1:30pm. Tom Ball,etc play amazing blues outside and their tri-tip is the best. Also, great motoporn too.

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    Re: Cold Spring Tavern near Santa Barbara, CA

    Yummmmm Buffalo Burgers are the booooooomb
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