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What is in your trailer?

Basic Camping
Kelty Trail Dome 4 tent
Sleeping Bag
2.5 in REI Sleeping Pad
Pico Chair (I love it)
Cooking Gear Pots, Utensils, stoves, Spices etc
Misc Camping stuff.
First Aid Kit

I'm going to set it all out on the driveway and take a picture
The reason I was asking what is in the trailer is to see how important it is to you. Most people that pull trailers behind their bike are pulling a base camp setup. They will set up base-camp and take the bike without the trailer on routes around camp.
I think you will loose a lot of the freedom that a motorcycle gives you, by pulling the trailer on a long distance trip. Plus, you will also loose needed gas mileage.
Think about it. Get smaller, backpack style camping gear.
Also; as you go east; the campgrounds get more expensive. A cheep motel will be close or equal to a campground.